Green Milkweed Purple Passion Vine

Green Milkweed   Purple Passion Vine

Which native plants are right for you?

This section is dedicated to native plants in the region of north central Texas. This website will only show native plants. No alien plants will be discussed on this website.

Host Plants

Butterfly Host Plant
Monarchs Milkweed
Fritillaries Passion Vines
Black Swallowtail Parsley
Giant Swallowtail Hop Tree or Toothache Tree
Pipevine Swallowtail Pipevine
Hackberry Emperor Hackberry

Prarie Parsley Hercules' Club

Prairie Parsley         Hercules' Club (Or Toothache Tree)

Nectar Plants

What are nectar plants? Nectar are plants that produce flowers that adult butterflies drink from. The monarch butterfly in particular enjoys these listed flowers:

Purple Coneflower
Mexican Sunflower
Sulphur Cosmos
Lavender Hyssop
False Sunflower
New England Aster
Stiff Goldenrod
Blazing Star
Wild Bergamot

Where to Buy Polinator Plants?

Check out our page on places where you can buy native Texas plants!

Dutchman's Pipe Hackberry

Dutchman's Pipe/Pipevine   Hackberry Tree