Where to Buy Native Plants and Seeds!

This portion of the website is dedicated to links where one can purchase native plants and seeds! The places mentioned also sell milkweed!

Milkweed Seeds

A gardener holding milkweed seeds.


A quick note that milkweed seeds are best planted in the fall so they can be ready for spring.

Native American Seed

Native American Seed is a family owned business located on a farm in Junction, Texas. Native American Seed focuses on growing native plants for their seeds, however you can order live roots as well.

Weston Gardens

A family owned buisness that is located in Fortworth, Texas. Waeston Gardens sells various types of plants both native and non-native. The website is very comprehensive in labling almost every aspect of the plant that the customer would want to know, including whether the plant is native or not! They have milkweed seeds in mid to late spring.

Gardener planting plants

A gardener digging a hole for a plant.


Native Plant Society

The Native Plant Society sells a lot of native plants including Milkweed, however during their seasonal sales it is best to get there early due to milkweed being a popular item. For more information on their milkweed availability contact Randy Johnson at organicrandy@gmail.com.

Texas Discovery Gardens

Texas Discovery Gardens has an April plant sale where they often offer native and pesticide-free milkweed plants.

Stuart’s Nursery

Stuart's Nursery is located in Weatherford and it typically carries milkweed around every spring and summer. As with most of these places mentioned, it is a good idea to call ahead before making the trip.

Monarch Watch

Monarch Watch is a non-profit education, conservation and research program located based at the University of Kansas which focuses on monarch butterflies. The Monarch Watch sells native milkweed mail by order.