What kinds of environments do monarch's like?

This section is dedicated to the environments that monarch butterflies like in both their young and adult stages as well as how to make your yard more butterfly friendly!

Wintering Monarchs

Monarch Butterflies wintering in Mexico

To Mexico

Each fall monarchs throughout southern Canada and the United States venture south into Mexico for the winter. Monarchs are the only known butterfly to make a two way migration like birds do. They can travel up to 3000 miles to get to Mexico.

Monarch Migration Map

A map of monarch migration

Back To The United States

It takes at least 4 generations to make the trip from Mexico back to the United States and Canada.


The monarch's sanctuaries and habitat are being destroyed at an alarming rate. This will make it harder on future generations of monarch butterflies.

How To Help!

Monarch Joint Venture

Contact Senator Ted Cruz

Contact Senator Cornyn

Citizen Scientist

Monarch Drinking From Wet Soil

Monarch Butterfly drinking from a wet patch of soil

Butterfly Friendly Yard Tips

Butterflies enjoy drinking from muddy puddles. Not only do they get water from it, but they intake vital salts as well.

If you wish to use a fountian make sure it is shallow and filled with rocks to make perching and "puddling" easier. It is also key to wet the soil beneath your water source as well.

Butterflies like to drink from short, colorful, tube shaped flowers. See our Plants page for more information!

Plant nectar flowers in the sun. Butterflies prefer drinking nectar in sunny spots.

Include flat surfaces such as rocks in sunny places for butterflies to rest. Resting in the sun helps the butterfly warm its wings and flat stones are the perfect canidate.

Refrain from using insecticides! Insecticides can kill butterflies.