Female Monarch

Female Monarch Buttefly

Welcome To The Butterfly Ark!

This website is mostly dedicated to helping monarch butterflies, but in the "Plant" section it will go over plants that are beneficial to other species as well.

The Egg

Monarch Egg

A monarch will lay one egg per milkweed plant. Usually on the bottom of the leaf near the top of the plant. Eggs hatch about 4 days after being laid.


Caterpillar Stages

The caterpillar stage lasts from 10-14 days. They do all of their growing during this time. Caterpillars eat their egg first then move onto the leaves. They will be doing nothing but eating and shedding their skin during this time. They will eat the skin too.


Chrysalis Stages

During the chrysalis stage the cater pillar turns into an adult. Like other butterflies a monarch's chrysalis provides camouflage.

Adult Stage

When a fully developed butterfly exits it's chrysalis it takes to the air in search of a mate. When it finds one they mate and the cycle begins again.

Why Do They Need Help?

Monarch butterfly habitat is being destroyed and fragmented at an alarming rate. The monarch is a natural pollinators. The habitat that monarchs use supports other wildlife. The current numbers are just 15% of what they were in 1997.

How You Can Help!

Individuals can create pollinator gardens. The specific types of plants are referenced on our plant page!

Male Monarch

Male Monarch Buttefly